Press review. Friday 13 September 2019

Press review. Friday 13 September 2019

InfoMarket Agency presents:
* "Komsomolyskaya Pravda"
- What shall a resident of Moldova do in advance in case of his/her accidental death abroad so that relatives do not go around the world and do not beg for money in social networks?
We figured out whether the medical insurance issued when traveling abroad really saves from large expenses and big debts in the event of tragic incidents.

* "Moldavskye Vedomosty"
- Victor Parlicov: “The price of gas may and should decrease from January 1, 2020.”
An expert in energy, former head of ANRE, Viktor Parlicov, told the “Moldovaskye Vedomosty” newspaper about the reasons why the gas price for Moldovan consumers may and should decrease, as well as about the fact that there is no need to take a loan to buy gas in order to pump it into gas storages.
- The president has sent to parliament two bills on social protection
They are aimed at increasing the level of social protection of pensioners and people with the lowest incomes.

* "Saptamana"
- Someone got rich, but who are these ones?
The right moment to make Ruslan Codreanu accountable has come a month before the election, but Codreanu is running for election.
- The pension will be transferred from father to son.
Legislative initiative: if the insured person has died after two years from the date of retirement, then the survivors will still have three more years of the pension the insured received.

* "Moldova Suverana"
- The president forwarded in parliament two draft laws in the field of social protection of the population.
These projects, together with the twice-yearly pension indexing initiative, voted in Parliament in first reading, are part of the President's package of social initiatives, aimed at increasing the social protection of pensioners and the people with the lowest income.

* "Vocea Poporului"
- The post needs new approaches to meet the challenges.
The services provided by the Moldovan Post have evolved in the last few years, but there is still much to be done to keep up with the technical achievements.
- Unions contribute to the reduction of risk factors.
The Laboratory of Risk Factors within the Labor Inspectorate of Trade Unions has examined the parameters of physical factors in the workplaces of several companies. In the case of 26.6% of these units, the respective indicators did not comply with the norms.

* "Economic Review"
- Return of property
The authorities began to actively “return the property of the state”, terminating investment contracts. This could threaten the country with multimillion lawsuits (in terms of euros and dollars) in international courts.
- Tariff for transportation, depending on the conditions
Several dozen buses and minibuses from more than 80 companies gathered in the central square of Chisinau. The main requirement of transport workers: the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure must fulfill its promise and review the tariffs for passenger transportation.